Baby wipes: Caring for your baby

Discover the benefits of using baby wipes
Baby wipes are an essential in every mother’s baby bag. Find out what makes them so convenient and how they can be used in everyday life too.

The advantages of using baby wipes

Wet wipes are perfect to care for your baby – find out some of the benefits here.

The advantages of using baby wipes for baby care

There’s a reason why wet wipes are considered an indispensable item for parents. These handy clean-up tools are perfect for changing nappies or dealing with your messy little angel.

The fact that they’re already moist means you can whip one out wherever you may be – no water supply needed! In addition, wipes don’t disintegrate like tissues would do. This means that one wipe is strong enough to clean up a lot of mess.

In terms of hygiene, baby wipes are a very sanitary option. You don’t need to worry about germs and bacteria being passed on, as you simply dispose of each wet wipe after use – throwing away any germs along with it. This is perfect for busy working mums with no time for washing multi-use cloths.

Beneficial for baby too

Wet wipes are convenient for mum and gentle for baby. Your little one will love the refreshing feeling of moist baby wipes on their skin. What’s more, wipes don’t pull or tug on the skin like cloths or tissue might do, so baby’s delicate skin is protected.

Finding the ideal baby wipes for your little darling

If your baby’s skin is slightly dry or irritated, make sure to choose wet wipes that will care for it. NIVEA Baby Soft & Cream Wipes are soaked in a tenderly caring soft cream, making them perfect for soothing reddened or irritated skin.

For skin that tends to be quite sensitive, it’s important to choose baby wipes like NIVEA Baby Pure & Sensitive Wipes that have undergone compatibility testing and contain skin-friendly ingredients and are free of perfume.

Steer clear of fragrances

Remember that the skin on your precious little darling is still developing and may not react well to perfumed baby wipes. If in doubt, always choose a sensitive option like NIVEA Baby Fresh & Pure Wipes.

5 reasons why baby wipes are the convenient choice

  • The compact pack is perfect for on the go
  • You don’t need to moisten them before use
  • They’re easy to use
  • One pack contains enough wipes to deal with a lot of different nappy changes
  • Simply dispose of them afterwards

Baby wipes from NIVEA

The best ways to use baby wipes

It’s useful for every mum to keep a packet of baby wipes on them when they’re on the go – they have more uses than you might think.
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